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When was the last time you wrote letters by hand? Don't you remember? No wonder. Most people from the modern generation no longer remember the traditional ways of communication - and today's youth just do not know anything about this period. All communications have gone online, making messaging instant, or even lightning fast. Today we start our day not by reading the latest newspapers, but by checking new letters in an electronic mailbox. More and more brands are choosing email newsletters as one of the main channels for communication with consumers. Moreover, the more letters we write and receive, the more we need auxiliary tools, for example, an email address checker. And in this article, we will talk about how this tool works and how it can benefit businesses and individual users.

What is Email Checker

In fact, everything is clear intuitively from the name of this tool. An email checker is a special program that is most often implemented as a web application and whose main function is to verify the existence of an email address, its correct spelling, and relevance. In addition, sometimes such applications even allow you to get more information about the email address owner, find out his name, place of work and contact details. In simple words, an email tester is an application that allows you to quickly verify the quality and existence of a specific email address and make decisions about adding or removing it from your contact list.

How Does Email Validator Work?

In fact, email verifying software works quite simply. Typically, an application has one main screen and a search bar where you need to type the email address in order to verify the email. After you click on the “Check”, “Confirm” or “Start” button, the program begins to execute a series of sequential actions.

First of all, it checks the spelling of the email address to exclude the presence of spaces, forbidden or Cyrillic characters. Once the spelling is confirmed, it makes sense to check if the email is valid.

To do this, the program communicates with the mail server, sends a special request and receives feedback on whether a particular email address is registered in the mail database. If the email address is registered and it is current at the moment, you get an instant report with a positive response. Or vice versa.


Who Uses This Email Test?

In fact, anyone who wants to verify the relevance of an email address can use this tool. However, there are representatives of specific professions for whom the use of this application is critical.

  • Email marketers. Here, even the name of the profession speaks for itself - it makes sense to work only with those people whose email addresses really exist.

  • Email marketing analytics. The cleanliness of the database and the lack of dead souls directly affect the performance of the email newsletter.

  • SEO specialists. Very often, spambots leave applications on the site, and the task of the SEO specialist is to monitor these situations and exclude bot email addresses from the lists.

  • Lead generation specialists. Here, too, everything is obvious - working with dead souls does not make sense for business.

  • IT Researchers. Very often, IT researches need to get in touch with a representative of a certain company -and check his email address as well.

  • Startup initiators and owners on non-commercial projects. In this case, the search for clients or sponsors is the task of the project owners themselves - and it makes sense to check the email address before making contact.

Is There an API for Developers?

In its simplest and shortest definition, an API is a piece of code or a piece of software that can be reused in other applications. As for the free email verifier API, its presence or absence will directly depend on the service whose API you want to receive and integrate. As a general rule, using the service is free for users, but using the API for your application may be symbolically paid.

Benefits of Using the Email Validation Tool

  • Save time due to the fact that you do not write to a person who does not exist.

This problem is very familiar to the receivers - their task is to find as many contacts of potential clients as possible and to do this in legal ways. They use free sources, social networks, however, the last step is to check if the email is real in order to make sure that the letter finds its addressee. By checking email addresses in this way, you can be sure that the person to whom you are writing is as real as his email address, and that he will definitely receive your letter.

  • A clean base of email addresses.

It does not make sense to have 10,000 potential customer email addresses, 9,000 of which will be incorrect, spam or nonexistent. Therefore, it is much more logical to do email address verification every time you add the address of a new potential client to your database.

  • Reduced chance that your email will be recognized as spam.

When you send a large number of letters, even if you do it using specialized and popular services like Mail Chimp, there is still a risk of being included in the ranks of spammers. As they say, Google knows better. So, it’s very easy to get into Google’s spam lists - and it’s almost impossible to leave them. And when you send a lot of emails to non-existent addresses, your chances of becoming a spammer grow exponentially. Therefore, it makes sense to clarify first if does this email exists in order to be able to pass the email spam test. 

  • Higher open-rate and lower bounce rate.

If you wrote a good-quality email and made sure that it goes to the direct address using the Gmail checker, this automatically means that your letter will reach the right place, and moreover, it will be opened and read with a high degree of probability. Email marketers know the value of a high open-rate, which means that you are doing everything right. They also know what threats a high bounce rate can have - this means that you send letters to the wrong recipients, they are not interested in your business and you risk being marked as a spammer. There is a solution, and you know it - check email online application.

  • More efficient work with hot and targeted leads.

If your open rate is high, this means that you are working with your hot target audience and your sales are increasing. Therefore, we recommend that you do not risk your effectiveness and use the email verification program from time to time.


If You Still Have Some Questions

Concluding our article, we want to answer a few more questions regarding how you can check email and why you need it.

How to check if an email is valid?

It is very simple - open a web application, write down the address you want to check and get your result.

Can I be sure of the verification result?

Yes, after you get a positive or negative result, you can be sure of its credibility. The fact is that the program receives feedback directly from the mail server - therefore, the probability of error is negligible.

Is it possible to use the program for free? 

Yes, the basic functions of the application are available free of charge. However, if you want to get more contact or personal information of the owner of the email address, then this will already be paid features.


As you can see, a very simple email validation function provides undeniable advantages for businesses and individuals. Hundreds of email addresses are created, deleted and labeled as unreliable every day, so this becomes a critical requirement to make sure that the email address is real in order to be able to communicate online effectively. 

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